Monthly Archives: January 2011

Virtual World Interoperability?


VWRAP is in limbo. Even though I was not involved in it until recently, I feel bad that it may simply disappear. It feels like a massive waste of energy for those involved for longer than I was; but, more importantly, it feels like a missed opportunity for gathering a critical mass of virtual world / virtual reality engineers — a community that seems to be plagued by silos– together with a critical mass of people who have been driving some important protocols on the Web.

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The Cloud vs. The Home


For the past couple of months I’ve been flirting on and off with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This past summer my students started using it in some of our research projects, so I had to catch up with them. Those projects have nothing to do with OpenSim, but I made my own learning plan focused on getting an OpenSim instance to run in the cloud.

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