Monthly Archives: April 2015

Wifi and Other Diva Addons

Hello everyone! OpenSim 0.8.1 brings a few minor bug fixes to core OpenSim and a significant change to how the web app Wifi is deployed in grids (no changes for D2 standalones). In general, this release introduces a mechanism for me and others to provide 3rd-party addons via mono addins, a mechanism that has been in OpenSim for a very long time, but that was severely underutilized. Let me explain how to deploy Wifi in your grid from here on, and then I’ll explain how to install additional Diva addons in either grids or standalones.

NOTE: mono addins works in both .NET and mono. If you run Wifi in Windows you do not need to install mono in order to run mono addins. Everything you need is already included in the OpenSim distribution.

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