OpenSim: 50 avies

We hit a milestone today in OpenSim. We piled up 52 avatars in OSGrid’s Wright Plaza sim, under 600M of RAM, and after an uptime of 10 hours. It eventually crashed, probably due to a lurking ultra-conservative lock somewhere in code. But hey! — this is fantastic news for OpenSim-based worlds. I can see 1.0 on the horizon.

Over the last few days, one of the key components of OpenSim, the code that deals with packets from/to the clients, has been replaced¬† with a new packet handler written by Intel’s John Hurliman. This is proving to be a Good Thing. Also last week we have identified and eliminated a major memory leak that was making OpenSim eventually run out of memory.

Hopefully when we get to 1.0 we will be able to consistently support 50+ avatars simultaneously under 500M of RAM and without crashing.

4 replies on “OpenSim: 50 avies”

  1. Kyle G says:

    Hurray OSG, Intel/John & the amazing Opensimulator developers.

  2. Rich White says:

    Brilliant ! …. You guys are awesome !


  3. Ener Hax says:

    hey congratulations! that is awesome and pretty good performance! =)

  4. […] short news is – we’ve made some really impressive progress in the the last week. Earlier we got up to 50 – which was tweaked, tailored and adjusted to get us to where 100 or even 150 isn’t […]

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