Viewer 2 Map now working in OpenSim

Map in Viewer 2

As the title says.

Over the weekend, I added the machinery for the new V2 map to work with vanilla OpenSim. If you want to try it out, watch out for the several changes in configuration files, especially those in .ini.example’s — make a diff to see what changed.

Note that viewer 2 is even more radical than viewer 1 when it comes to regions placed above 2,048. Most likely, the map won’t work there at all. (I haven’t tried it)

Also note that, for the time being, V2 map will get considerably confused on HG teleports. The first step was to make the map work. The next step is fixing the map for the Hypergrid. There’s a brute-force way of doing it, and there’s an elegant way of doing it. The elegant way of doing it requires collaboration with viewer developers. Let’s see what we can do together…



2 replies on “Viewer 2 Map now working in OpenSim”

  1. Ai Austin says:

    Great stuff, thanks Diva. Openvue servers now running this version for tests…

    Live served map is at

    And it looks pretty much like that in Viewer 2 map inside the viewer. I am using Warp3d render. Note a single region up at 5000,5000 does show when searched for and displayed in the map.. Ditto for 9000,9000 when at 5000,5000. But linked region tiles around these don’t show yet. I understand it’s early days for HG elements in the maps.

    I get one region per OpenSim.exe instance flashing as I zoom in and out after first run of each instance, and that ges away after running sim again. But that’s been a long running issues for map tile of one region per sim not being updated

    Linked regions flicker on and off too in same way, so problem could be related.

  2. James says:

    I hate Second Life’s Viewer 2 and will never use it. I think we should be moving away from emulating Second Life anyway as it is after all old and lag ridden.

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