New diva distro for OpenSim 0.7.2 featuring W2W Friends

Hi everyone! I finally had the time to put together a new diva distro release corresponding to OpenSim 0.7.2 — plus a few minor bug fixes over that. If you already have a d2 world, you know the drill: run Update.exe. Otherwise, grab the zip, unzip it and take it from the README file. If you’re upgrading, I highly recommend running the Configure tool on the new installation, and you’ll see why.

There are many improvements in OpenSim, most notably the new LSL NPC stuff — this allows you to create and manipulate Non-Player Characters (bots) directly from scripts. Really cool!

Hypergrid-wise, the most noteworthy development is the support for Friends across the Hypergrid. As explained in a previous post, I have created a world-to-world social network platform in OpenSim! Diaspora, anyone? Well, I get to actually do it and deploy it in  your worlds 😉

Have fun!

P.S. I also made a new release for Wifi that works with Robust 0.7.2. Enjoy!

6 replies on “New diva distro for OpenSim 0.7.2 featuring W2W Friends”

  1. Ener Hax says:

    thank you for rolling 0.7.2 into your new diva distro. there has been overwhelming joy at your distro being in the sim-on-a-stick build and many great uses of it. users not only appreciate your work in OpenSim but also love your wifi panel

    thank you so much for creating this and giving so many people an easy way to express their creativity and even build things that get used out in the world (dozens of schools use your build via the stick zip – even three US government branches have used it, afaik)

    thanks again and good luck with all of your endeavors and with classes! =)

  2. Diva Canto says:

    Thank you Ener! That’s really nice to hear :-)

  3. Samantha Alexander says:

    Hi Diva
    I have the Diva running Robust and Wifi diva-r15592
    I do not have an update.exe file in the bin. I have gone back to the downloads and re-downloaded and copied the update.exe to my running setup. But when I run Update it goes for a few seconds and crashes. NO UPDATE. Do you have any ideas ?
    Thanks for a great setup

  4. Fleep Tuque says:

    I second Ener’s comments – I’m not sure what we would do without wifi! It makes the user administration a snap and my favorite feature is the custom avatars.

    Many thanks indeed!

  5. Opensimmer says:

    awesome! bots are really fun!…

    A question: how many prims can a diva mega-region hold?

  6. christy says:

    Diva do you give out source code for your build? I need the new bot commands.

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